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How to bleach your anus

Ever been in ‘that’ position with your lover or boyfriend or husband or whoever and felt a little self conscious about the dark ring around your bum?

People in the porn industry have been doing anal bleaching for years and there is no reason you can’t as well.

There was a time when it was super expensive and maybe dangerous too.  But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

anal bleaching

There are a bunch of ways you can bleach your anus, but the cheapest and safest would be to use a skin brightening cream like Epibright or Revitol  cream that cute little butt of yours twice a day.

Sure, it takes time – maybe a month or two but if you don’t want to do the one-eyed brown wink at your boyfriend then maybe it’s worth it to you.

For fun, you could get him to apply it sometimes.  But be warned – none of these creams are meant for internal use, so don’t let him get any ideas about using it as a lubricant.

Other methods of anal bleaching include going to a salon or spa that specializes in it.  For some reason, I can go and get a brazilian wax on my pussy no problem, but I can’t see myself laying on my stomach and spreading my cheeks for a stranger.  Called me old fashioned I guess!  Plus, I don’t want to spend $300 or $400 to lighten my brown anus.  Too many other things I could spend that money on.

There are also laser treatments available to bleach your anus.  I guess if they can do laser treatment on your eyes, laser treatment on your butthole shouldn’t be so bad.  But I go back to my point of going to a salon – only a select few are privileged enough to see my anus, and I’m going to choose who those people are.

If you’re interested in seeing some videos, youtube has a few of them, just search for ‘anal bleaching’ .  You will probably have to turn off your age restrictions or safe search or whatever they call it.  If there is nudity in the video, they consider it adult even if it’s just informational.

So don’t be shy!  If you are interested in anal bleaching, I say go for it!! Just be careful how you do it and if you use a skin brightening cream at home, just make sure you read the reviews and the ingredient list to make sure it’s safe for that cute little butt of yours.

Vaginal Bleaching for Women – 8 Practical Tips to Consider When Choosing a Bleaching Product

A good number of women are suffering from vaginal discoloration or pigmentation, a condition exemplified by skin color changes around the vagina. This is brought about by a myriad of factors including hormonal imbalance, aging, hereditary factors, obesity, gastric cancer, skin disorders among other conditions.

However, vaginal discoloration or pigmentation can be addressed through vaginal bleaching for an even skin color tone. Before you decide to settle on a particular bleaching product, these tips outlined below may come in handy;

1. Focus on the Ingredients

Vaginal bleaching for women is a delicate process and things can go wrong if the wrong product is used. While most bleaching products are safe, there are some products that may contain harmful ingredients such as Hydroquinone. Using products laced with such formulations can bring about health complications. Some of these products have even been banned in some countries.

Be sure to read the labels before buying and go for products that contain Alpha Arbutin which is safe for application on the sensitive vaginal skin.

2. Products Should Be for External Use Only

While most creams are clearly labelled “for external use only” it’s always important to remember this rule even on those products that don’t have such warnings. You should be extra careful when applying vaginal bleaching on the skin.

Apply only sufficient amounts of the bleaching cream to cover the skin. If you apply excess amounts, you risk skin infections and other problems. If you’re using a bleaching gel, ensure it doesn’t go inside the vagina.

3. Avoid Using Your Fingers

You should restrain from using your fingers when applying bleaching products. Vaginal bleaching products are different from regular bleach products as far as the ingredients are concerned. While they may not cause harm to your skin, you shouldn’t use your fingers nonetheless.

In addition, there are high chances of using more than the required amount of bleaching product which might in turn affect the skin around the vaginal area. Use a soft brush or a clean piece of cotton for application.

4. Keep the Area around the Vagina Dry and Clean

It’s imperative that the area around the vagina be dry and clean prior to application of any bleaching product. As a matter of fact, you should clean the genitals and the neighboring skin to avoid counteraction from the effects of the bleaching product. Body fluids can stain the skin around the vagina as well.

5. You Can Treat Dark Spots and Scars with Vaginal Bleaching Products

Apart from bleaching the area around the vagina topical skin brighteners have brought a whole new to twist to vaginal bleaching for women. Most premium range products are very effective in dealing with problems as dark spots and scars. However, it is important to have deep insights about how effective the product is in treating scars and dark spots before using it.

6. Contact a Dermatologist before Bleaching Your Vagina

Most vagina bleaching products are readily available over the counter in pharmaceutical stores. However, it’s advisable to contact a dermatologist prior to using them so as to discuss about possible side effects and how to deal with them. A dermatologist will provide you with invaluable information that will help you realize more positive results.

7. Read the Latest Reviews about the Product of Choice

Vaginal bleaching is a trend that modern women are rapidly embracing. It therefore goes without saying that users of a certain bleaching product will have something to say after using it. Positive reviews from previous users mean that the product is likely to give positive results while negative reviews mean that you’re using the product at your own risk. If you have a proactive approach when using a product you are most likely to obtain the desired results.

8. Don’t Give Up

Most women who turn to vaginal bleaching products give up only after a few applications. It’s important to understand that vaginal bleaching takes some time before you can achieve tangible results. Bleaching involves preventing your skin from developing new pigment and this might take a few weeks.

Vaginal bleaching for women should be a safe procedure free of complications. However, simple mistakes could prove to be very fatal. With these tips and tricks this should not be the case, after all vaginal bleaching is just an extension of your desire to enhance your appearance.