How to bleach your anus

Ever been in ‘that’ position with your lover or boyfriend or husband or whoever and felt a little self conscious about the dark ring around your bum?

People in the porn industry have been doing anal bleaching for years and there is no reason you can’t as well.

There was a time when it was super expensive and maybe dangerous too.  But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

anal bleaching

There are a bunch of ways you can bleach your anus, but the cheapest and safest would be to use a skin brightening cream like Epibright or Revitol  cream that cute little butt of yours twice a day.

Sure, it takes time – maybe a month or two but if you don’t want to do the one-eyed brown wink at your boyfriend then maybe it’s worth it to you.

For fun, you could get him to apply it sometimes.  But be warned – none of these creams are meant for internal use, so don’t let him get any ideas about using it as a lubricant.

Other methods of anal bleaching include going to a salon or spa that specializes in it.  For some reason, I can go and get a brazilian wax on my pussy no problem, but I can’t see myself laying on my stomach and spreading my cheeks for a stranger.  Called me old fashioned I guess!  Plus, I don’t want to spend $300 or $400 to lighten my brown anus.  Too many other things I could spend that money on.

There are also laser treatments available to bleach your anus.  I guess if they can do laser treatment on your eyes, laser treatment on your butthole shouldn’t be so bad.  But I go back to my point of going to a salon – only a select few are privileged enough to see my anus, and I’m going to choose who those people are.

If you’re interested in seeing some videos, youtube has a few of them, just search for ‘anal bleaching’ .  You will probably have to turn off your age restrictions or safe search or whatever they call it.  If there is nudity in the video, they consider it adult even if it’s just informational.

So don’t be shy!  If you are interested in anal bleaching, I say go for it!! Just be careful how you do it and if you use a skin brightening cream at home, just make sure you read the reviews and the ingredient list to make sure it’s safe for that cute little butt of yours.